Transferring firearms

An unlicensed individual may transfer a firearm to another unlicensed individual residing in the same State, provided that he or she has no reason to believe the buyer is prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

For a list of categories prohibiting a person from possessing a firearm, click here.

An unlicensed individual is prohibited from directly transferring a firearm to a person residing in another State. Regardless of the purpose of the transfer (e.g. gift, trade, loan, sale, ownership, etc.), this restriction applies to all types of firearms.

An unlicensed individual may complete a transfer to an out-of-State person through the following procedure:

1. The unlicensed individual transfers the firearm to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer

2. Licensee (Fenix Firearms Inc.) located in the State of the person receiving the firearm will receive firearms shipments that will then be transferred to the buyer after the completion of Federal Form 4473 and a NICS instant background check

3. Fenix Firearms Inc. will transfer the firearm to a FFL in another state for those who sell a fiream to and individual residing outside of Minnesota.

4. Fenix Firearms Inc. will be responsible for lawfully transferring the firearm.

Under Federal law there is no recordkeeping requirement pertaining to the transfer of a firearm between two unlicensed individuals residing in the same state.

There may exist State or local laws that pertain to the transfer, including registration requirements. Contact the appropriate State agency for information regarding such requirements.  As of 8-01-2023 MN residents are now required to keep a record of sale for any firearm transferred in a private sale to another unlicensed individual for a minimum of 10 yrs.

For private sellers wanting assurance that other private individuals are not prohibited from possessing firearms, we encourage you to consider the following options:

Transfer the firearm to the private individual through Fenix Firearms Inc.. Fenix Firearms Inc. will be responsible for conducting a background check on the person acquiring the firearm.,and properly dispositioning the firearm.  Fenix Firearms Inc. will complete the required paperwork.

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There is a lot of consumer concern about the "Proposed" assignment of a unique "Firearms Industry" code credit card  processors would use to track certain transactions.


At this point this "Proposed" new code has NOT been implemented and is being fought by 2A organizations and 24 state attorney generals as well as some republican lawmakers.


Fenix Firerarms urges you to contact your lawmakers and urge them to put pressure on credit card companies to not move forward with this backdoor attack on your personal privacy and 2A rights.